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About Christopher N. Luhn

With 30 years experience in preparing, planning and litigating conflicts between individuals, Chris Luhn brings a complete hands-on attitude to bear in directing the course of your case. His result-oriented efforts put your legal problems front-and-center at every stage of your proceedings.

We also believe that you deserve to be involved and never left “in the dark” about what is happening with your case. That is one of the reasons the firm employs a unique, safe, and secure client-accessible internet portal that allows you, the client, electronic access to many of the critical contents your file, including encrypted scanned documents, attorney-client messaging, and calendaring. As a client with password-protected access, you can review your itemized invoices, making it easier for you to anticipate and budget for expenses and fees, instead of being blind-sided by a periodic bill. (You also have the power to pay your bill online by credit card or by using our new, pay-by-check feature, thus avoiding potentially costly credit card bank fees.)


Meet Christopher Luhn, P.C.

Christopher N. Luhn, P.C. welcomes your call or visit regardless of your legal situation or budget. Depending on the case and specific situation, we are in some cases able to represent some of our clients “pro bono,” or to offer very competitive or discounted rates for our legal services. In most cases involving monetary compensation, you do not have to give us a penny unless and until we help you win your case. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us for more information.

At Christopher N. Luhn, P.C., our utmost priority is to support and represent the community as well as the businesses and government bodies located in the Clifton Park area. No case is too big or too small for our superior team of Clifton Park attorneys. We are happy to take on any case, from petty theft to corporation sized embezzlement, Family Law matters, personal injurty & traffic law cases.

Christopher N. Luhn, P.C.

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