Seek Out Compassionate Legal Counsel During A Child Custody Battle

Our law firm in Ballston Spa, NY has your child's best interests at heart

Going through a custody dispute is never easy or simple-especially if you have children. But you don't have to navigate a complicated custody situation on your own. Call Christopher N. Luhn, P.C. in Ballston Spa, NY. Our law firm is backed by over 30 years of family law experience, and we'll put all of that experience to work for you on your custody case.

Why hire a custody attorney?

Even when you and your partner are splitting amicably, child custody battles can get messy. Emotions are running high, and it's easy to say or do something you might regret. That's why it's so important to retain a child custody attorney you can trust. When you hire Christopher N. Luhn, P.C., you can count on:

  • Compassionate support every step of the way
  • Firm legal representation during mediation or in family court
  • Insightful advice about important custody decisions
  • Aggressive representation with a lawyer capable of taking your case to trial if necessary

Reach out to our law firm in Ballston Spa, New York to discuss your situation with an experienced child custody attorney.

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